Becoming a Cook in Quebec

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If you are between jobs or plan a career change, you may consider becoming a cook. There are great schools and programs in Quebec to get chef’s education and practical experience to improve your chances and land a good job.

LaSalle College in Montreal offers a professional cooking program to students who wish to work on cruise ships and in hotels, restaurants, senior residences, etc. There are different career paths to explore upon successful completion, including grill cook, institutional cook, caterer, sous-chef, chef de partie, and cook. Students are offered training in menu planning, basic preparations, kitchen organization, cooking techniques, food safety and hygiene, and plenty more. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the St. Pius X Culinary Institute also offers culinary programs that are free to attend. The institute features a selection of programs such as Food and Beverage Services, Professional Cooking, Wine Service, and Contemporary Professional Pastry Making. The latter offers practical training in creating decorations, chocolates, frozen desserts, cakes, biscuits, creams, and other types of pastries. The Cowansville Vocational Education Training Centre offers a wide selection of courses to help residents further their professional development. Those who plan on becoming a cook can choose between two programs – Professional Cooking and Food and Beverage Services.



Salary and Job Prospects

The salary of cooks in Quebec ranges from about $22,230 to $35,930, which is comparable to the national average. Sous chefs are paid between about $26,630 and $44,600, and the median salary is around $37,490. The salary of executive chefs is higher and ranges from about $44,540 to $90,400. The average salary is around $61,970. In comparison to cooks, executive chefs have a number of tasks and responsibilities such as overseeing the cost of supplies and food products, supervising cooks, developing menus.

There are plenty of career paths for cooks, including short-order, relief, prep, line, vegetable, and grill cook. Fry and fish cooks are also in demand. Chefs have different specialties and can work as sous, sauce, roast, pastry, and executive chefs. Roast chefs specialize in roasting and different types of meat while pastry chefs specialize in desserts, breads, and pastries. Vegetable cooks handle starchy foods and vegetables, including rice, potatoes, and soups while fish cooks can cook all types of seafood. Chefs de partie or station cooks work under the supervision of executive chefs or sous chefs and handle meat, salads, or soups. Other types include expeditors, pantry chefs, and celebrity chefs. Some work in fast food chains and casual restaurants while others work in fine-dining restaurants and luxury resorts. They use different techniques such as braising, boiling, baste, barbecuing, and barding to prepare meals. Some of the techniques are prolonged wet-heat based, for example, gradual simmering, steam stewing, and bake stewing. Others are oil-based, for example, high heat stir frying, pan frying, and deep frying. Cooks have experience with different techniques and products to prepare a tasty meal for a casual lunch or a special event.

Trendy Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is the home of trendy restaurants that feature ambient atmosphere, beautiful interior, and delicious food. Some of the hottest restaurants are Bar St-Denis, Il Focolaio, Salumi Vino, and Restaurant Tandem. From Asian, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine to steakhouses, pizza, and local cuisine, there is something for everyone.

Bar St-Denis

Situated on Rue Saint-Denis, this trendy venue has a rich selection of cocktails, wines, and beers and offers tasty food choices such as cheeseburgers, falafels, lamb tartare, and beef bavettes. While Bar St-Denis is actually a bar, the food is cooked by chefs from the famous Au Pied de Cochon.

Restaurant Tandem

This bring your own wine venue features seasonal food and warm and welcoming atmosphere. The menu includes a variety of dishes such as rack of lamb, veal fillet mignon, and two salmon tartare. Definitely try their cheesecake or macaron with grapefruit sorbet, vanilla, and bourbon.

Bar Tapas Sorocco

This Spanish-inspired venue has plenty to offer, from fast service, ambient atmosphere, and reasonable prices to delicious food and big portions. The selection of food choices includes short rib poutine, lobster croquetas, vegetables of the day, scotch eggs, and plenty more. Developed by Chef Claire Bridel, the menu is based on local produce.

Brasserie 701

This place is ideal for both solo visitors and large groups and offers warm atmosphere, attentive service, and seasonal food. The menu features tasty options for dinner, lunch, brunch, and breakfast as well as happening gourmand menus, desserts, and snacks. The dinner menu includes a selection of main courses such as lobster tail butter risotto, smoked organic salmon, and wild mushroom raviolis with Parmigiano cheese and truffle cream sauce. Visitors can try delicious desserts such as crème brulee and tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream, mascarpone, Breton shortbread, and caramelized apples. Brasserie 701 also features menus for groups and is perfect for business meetings and special occasions. Group menus include choices of main courses, appetizers, and desserts. Personalized menus are also offered.

Salumi Vino

Situated in Old Montreal, this restaurant is super accommodating and stylish and offers authentic Italian food. It is ideal for business meetings and corporate parties, family dinners, and special occasions. The lunch menu includes tasty options such as Pasta Toscana with cream, sun dried tomato, spinach, and mushrooms and homemade gnocchi with black truffles, cream sauce, and ricotta. The selection of desserts includes key lime pie, tiramisu, and chocolate mousse. There is a lunch box menu as well, featuring meat and fish, pasta, appetizers, salads, drinks, and desserts.

Il Focolaio

This Italian-style restaurant offers delicious wood-fired pizzas, a good selection of wines, superb service, and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to a large selection of pizzas, the menu also includes salads, calzoni, subs and sausages, desserts, and more. The choice of extras is quite impressive and includes black truffles, grilled vegetables, fine herb tofu, cherry tomatoes, meat balls with meat sauce, and more. The selection of desserts features interesting options such as gluten free Nutella pizza, Nutella calzone, and Focolaio dessert with chocolate powder, whipped cream, and Espresso. Delivery and take-out are available.

There are plenty of trendy places that offer tasty food, a wide variety of dishes, outstanding service, and inviting atmosphere. Restaurants in Montreal feature food from all corners of the world, including Korean, Irish, Colombian, Armenian, Argentinian, and other cuisines. Gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options are also offered to accommodate everyone. Many places offer dinner, brunch, lunch, and breakfast menus and outdoor seating. Whether looking for a child-friendly restaurant or a combo bar and restaurant, there is plenty of choice.

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